Sunday, June 14, 2015

Treatment/ Prevention of Breast Feeding Pain

Is it normal to feel pain during or after nursing?
If your baby is latched on properly, you may have 30 to 60 seconds of pain (from the nipple and areola being pulled into your baby's mouth), then the pain should ease. But if you continue to feel pain, stop feeding momentarily and re-position your baby on your breast. If the pain persists, something else might be going on.
If your baby consistently latches on wrong, sucking on your nipple without getting much of your areola in the mouth, you'll probably feel discomfort throughout each feeding. Sometimes moms say it's painful or feels like a pinch as their babies nurse. And you'll probably have sore, cracked nipples in no time. Consulting with a lactation consultant or your doctor can help with these situations.
Treatment/ Prevention:

  • If breasts continue to be full and uncomfortable, apply cold compresses to both breasts. The cold will feel good and decrease the swelling (baggies full of frozen peas work well as cold compresses).
  • Take a warm shower (breasts); hot washcloths on your breasts; or lean over a sink or basin to let your breasts rest in the warm water prior to nursing.
  • Massage your breasts comfortably to promote milk flow.
  • An engorged breast may be flattening your nipple, making it more difficult for your baby to latch on. Use hand expression of milk to soften the areola just before latch on.
  • Feed your baby on demand, approximately every one to two and half hours for at least 15 minutes of suckling on each breast. Do not skip feedings.
  • Wear a supportive bra and get in a comfortable and supported position for feedings. Avoid underwire and tight fitted bras.
  • Consult a lactation consultant or doctor for additional assistance.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Remedies for Teeth Pain

Teeth are an essential element of human body. A mouth full of white teeth makes your smile more beautiful. It also makes you look younger.

People who neglect their teeth may go on for few years with very few problems as like as gums pain, yellow teeth and black spot on teeth.

Natural Home Remedies for Teeth Pain

  • Brush your teeth properly as if it will be cleaned properly. 
  • Sometimes brush your teeth with your finger with mixture of salt and rape oil. That makes your teeth gums strong than before.
  • Sometimes brush your teeth with valley of the Neem tree.
  • Boil or warm the mixture of water and salt. Wash your teeth with this mixture.
  • The main natural remedy is eating vitamin C. To get vitamin C you should eat plenty of oranges, lemons, kiwi fruit, mangoes, and papayas. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Natural Remedies for Breast Enlargement.

Breast size is one of the main factors that influence a woman’s self esteem and her perception of feminine attraction. Most of the women suffer from acute depression because they find their breasts are too small. Owing to the fact that cosmetic surgery and breasts implants come with a number of bad side effects, women are always on the lookout for safer and preferably non-invasive methods to have fuller and more attractive breasts.

Fortunately, there are a number of simple types of home remedies that can help you increase your breast size within a very shortest possible of time, without any harmful side effects.

Breast Enlargement:

Small breast size can affect a woman's self esteem
Estrogen facilitates breast growth during puberty
Nutrition and genetics also play an important role in determining the size of breasts

Natural home remedy using fenugreek powder: Fenugreek has properties which helps grow breast size and also makes them firm. Mix a little water with ¼ bowl of fenugreek powder. Apply this paste on the breasts. Please massage gently and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Then wash off with warm water.

Natural home remedy using cod liver oil and fennel seeds: Fennel seeds have flavonoids which facilitate growth of breast tissue. Heat cod liver oil in a pan then add 2 teaspoon of fennel seeds to turn red. Strain the oil. Apply this cold oil on the breasts. Massage gently without touching nipples. Then wash off after 20-30 minutes. Do this regularly.

Red lentils (Lens culinary): Soak about 15 grams of red lentils in warm water for about 2 hours or until it becomes soft. Grind the softened lentils to fine paste. Take this paste and apply it to your breasts for 20-30 minutes or until it is completely dried. Do not massage your breasts with this mix; just apply it and leave it there until it dries. This will enhance the size and firm your breasts up as well.

Breast enhancing massage (Own Hands): Massaging is a great way to increase the breast size and shape. Take a warm water bath and start massaging your breasts first clockwise, and then anti-clockwise. The massage should be gentle, without touching the nipples, which by now would be overly sensitive. Continue with the massage for 20-30 minutes every day and you will see a drastic change within about 50 days.

These remedies are based on the principles of Ayurveda, the ancient Chinese and Indian science of medication, and are completely natural, non-invasive, and can be easily prepared at home. Contact and consult your doctor if the symptoms persist.  

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Natural Cure for Enlarge Heart

Many people all over the world are diagnosed with an enlarged hart every year. It occurs when the arteries get clogged with the buildup of plaque. It can result in heart attack, angina and other such condition.
It is true that seeking medical assistance is a must in such a scenario but still opting for the natural way is a good effort to heal an enlarge heart. There are a lot of natural remedies that can cure your enlarge heart.

Natural Cure for Enlarge Heart

According to recent scientific research, it has been proved that turmeric is a good remedy for heart that is highly beneficial in curing an enlarge heart and its symptoms. Turmeric consist of cur-cumin which is a natural ingredient that is very important in reducing the possibilities of  a heart attack or heart failure.
Many medical specialists suggest the intake of turmeric to heart patients as it has great power to restore the functions of the heart and reverse hypertrophy. It also helps in reducing the formation of scar.

Remedy: Take raw turmeric and make a juice of it. Before taking your breakfast, drink this juice. You can mix 1 teaspoon of honey, if you want to a good test.

Pomegranate has a great number of health benefits attached to it. Scientific name of pomegranate is Punica granatum. This fruit is a must need for all heart patients. Drinking pomegranate juice should be made a daily habit as it helps in reversing atherosclerosis and in lowering blood pressure.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of an enlarge heart then you can option for eating this ruby red fruit on a regular basis. With excellent taste. Pomegranate is a storehouse of powerful antioxidants and enhances the innune system as well.

Another  natural remedy for curing the symptoms of an enlarge heart is green tea. Also known as camellia sinensis by its scientific name. Green tea is an excellent tonic for all patients suffering form cardiac diseases. If has rich anti oxidant properties and so drinking green  tea twice a day, helps in normalizing the functions of the heart . you can also consuming the extract of green tea in the form of supplements that are available at all leading herbal medicine shops.

Fish oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and so it is recommended that you better option for consuming fish oil supplements on an everyday basis if you want to get rid of all kind of heart diseases including an enlarged heart. Apart from consuming fish oil, you can include fish in your diet.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Home Remedies for Firmer Breasts

Breasts usually undergo several changes on a regular basis. The passage of time and motherhood are primarily responsible for the breasts to sag. The skin of breast is very delicate and pleasant. As a woman, you should be well-taken care of it. To make your breast firmer, it is important for you to follow a proper breast care routine as early as possible.

Home Remedies for Firmer Breasts
Natural Breast Enlargement: If you want to larger breasts, just add fenugreek to your diet. You can find it (fenugreek) in any supermarket.
 For Firmer Breasts

Rum and lemon juice: Mixture 1 lemon and 1/2 cup good quality rum (alcohol) and let stand overnight. Apply this mixture to the breasts the next morning with a massage. Wash your breasts with cold water afterward.

Ice: If you want, you can (the best remedy for firmer breasts) go over them with some ice cubes.

Cream of lavender and blessed thistle: Mix 20 grams of Vaseline with 20 drops of essence of lavender. Massage breasts with this cream from bottom to top.

Egg: Beat an egg until creamy and massage it on the bottom of the breast. Leave on for 30 to 40 minutes and wash with water.

Exercises: A good exercise to strengthen the pectoral muscles is known as "the lizard". Lie face down and support your hands on the floor to the height of the shoulders. Stretch your arms by lifting the body from the waist up and repeat it. Do this regularly for 10 times.

Sage wine: Effective for fighting flabbiness. Massage breasts with sage wine every day.

Toning Lotion: Mix 10 tablespoons of brandy and10 tablespoons of chamomile infusion with alum powder. Apply after showering.

Mashed bananas: Put mashed of ripe bananas in an old bra and wears it for as long as possible.

5 Best Home Remedies for Darken Bikini Line Area


Wearing a bikini can make you seem sexy and hot! But you are shy about wearing bikini because of darkened areas of skin. These dark lines can be due to many different reasons like rashes, sweating, shaving, chafing and many other reasons. But don’t worry, there are many methods to hide or remove that dark genital area.

What causes dark bikini lines?

  • Shaving the bikini area regularly and using hair removal creams also causes the skin to darken easily. Chemical based product without a trace of doubt does more harm than good when used on the dark genital area.
  • Deodorants: If you think some sort of deodorant can help you get rid of the genital odor, then you are wrong. Most of these chemical sprays though helps in getting rid of the odor for a little while yet it leaves behind dark and lasting bikini lines.
  • Chafing: Those who are slightly heavier side and use heavy upper thighs experience chafing that can result in dark genitals in addition to bikini rashes.
  • Polyester outfits: It increases sweating excessively due to deficit of air which in turn damages the epidermis in the bikini area.

Home Remedies to Lighten Dark Bikini Line

  • Turmeric Paste:  This is the best natural skin care pack which is used to lighten dark spots and acquire a shiny skin. You can easily find the ingredients in your kitchen rack. To start with take 1teaspoone of turmeric powder, 2 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1teaspoone yogurt, mix the ingredients well into a fine paste and apply it gently in a circular motion on the affected area. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with cold water.  Use this remedy thrice a week before bathing. 
  • Lemon scrub: Sweating undoubtedly leaves the skin scruffy, dark and smelling. Genital area is that part of the body that is prone to excessive sweating it is advisable to rub lemon juice regularly on the inner thighs and bikini area to not just lighten the dark lines, remove damage skin and wrinkles, but also avoid them in future. One thing to be kept in mind is that if you have any rashes or cuts in the affected area then avoid applying lemon juice till you get rid of them else it might lead to severe irritation and worsen the matter.
  • Waxing: Bikini area MUST NOT be shaved nor it should be cleaned using the harsh chemical based hair removal creams, instead of using the natural hair removal methods like cold or hot waxing. It’s definitely going to be painful but it’s the best method to keep away from those embarrassing dark lines and wrinkles.
  •  Essential Olive Oil: Massage the dark bikini area with olive oil and leave it overnight. This essential olive oil stops the epidermis rashes from forming on account of sweat. This remedy not just helps in lightening the dark lines in the bikini but also reduces the wrinkles and softens the surface.
  • Wear natural cotton underwear: Wet genital areas may cause pungent odor and darken the bikini line if not taken proper care.  This is wise to use underwear which is made using light or perhaps thin material such as cotton. Since they tend to dry easily and prevent rashes as well.

It’s not always necessary that one should pan-tile thousands of dollars on expensive skin treatments in order to attain great results. If they follow these easy home remedies regularly then they can attain better results and it’s proven time and again.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Natural Home Remedy for Treating and Preventing Sinusitis

What is Sinus?

Paranasal Sinuses are a group of four paired air-filled spaces that surround the nasal cavity, above the eyes, in between the eyes and behind the ethmoids. Sinuses are named for the facial bones in which they are located. It can be due to allergy, infection and autoimmune issues. Sinuses are categories in acute, sub-acute and chronic etc. Every year it affects approximately 37 million people in USA. All these types have similar symptoms and it is difficult to distinguish. General symptoms are fever, malaise, sometimes high blood pressure, congestion, pain,anorexia and weight loss etc.  

However, it is difficult to say that natural home remedy can protect these sinuses. But it can give you some better solution to quick relieve to your discomfort.

Natural Home Remedy for Treating and Preventing Sinusitis

  • Use Humidifier: You should start using a humidifier in rooms. Just make sure you spent most of time in here. Make sure you are using a clean mold of humidifier.
  • Apply warm heat: You can take warm heat into your face and forehead. For this reason warm a towel and put it on your face and forehead. Definitely it helps to quick relief.
  • Rest: When you have got sinus infection then try to take rest. You need plenty of sleep and give your body a chance to recover.
  • Nasal Saline Solution:  Nasal saline don't contain medicine, they can help keep your nasal passages moist.
  • Drink lots of fluids: If it is possible to take green coconut juice then take it otherwise take other juice. It will reduce the blockage of your sinuses.
  • Do not take overuse of medicines: Please do not overuse of OTC medicine, just remember that overusing of these medicines can usually make your symptoms worse.
  • Breath in steam vapors: Steam vapors may help you to reduce congested and swollen nasal passages. For these you can sit in the bathroom or breathe deeply.
  • Drink Tea or Coffee: If it is possible then make a cup of tea with natural ingredient such as ginger, clove and drink it, otherwise take a cup of coffee.